RES 701, Week 1, Scenario 2

  1. What do you think ‘research’ is?
  2. What is research?

According to the Wikipedia, Research is creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of humans, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications. It is hard to understand from the above definition what Research is? Thus what I understand is Research can a systematic analysis and investigation of resources and sources which indeed required to establish the facts and reasons to formulate new conclusions.

Do you think you will ever need research skills?

I believe everyone has their own research skills in their own way. For an example, I am going to start a business, before starting I should know what is doing and what should be the outcome of it? For this, I need to know what is the current scope of the business proposal? So to have detailed knowledge on these I should work on it and should have a piece of perfect knowledge on what I do? This involves research, may it won’t be as systematic as in industry still it requires. In the end I don’t need to think whether I need research skills, I should need it.

How to turn research into Research?

Once I came to realize on what idea I need to research I need to focus on below points

  1. Identifying the scope of your idea
  2. Need to generalize a question on what basis the research is started
  3. Should not deviate from the question
  4. Need to analyze and finalize what methodology can be applied for this idea
  5. Work on it
  6. Success or Fails Should have a conclusion which has facts that support the conclusion.

What do you think a research journal is and who is it written for?

A research journal is something a researcher is used to refer to the work on which the research has done. The research journal consists of research work such as a study on a particular topic, its possibilities, success rates, failure situations, conclusions etc. Hence whenever the researcher needs to know about the research work, referring to the journal is enough. Research journals are written by those who research and those who are experts in certain fields. Thus when researching they will get more knowledge and become more expert. So simply, those who want to be expert in a certain field and those who need to find the solution do research and implement research journals.

  1. What is plagiarism?
  2.  Why is it important ?

Plagiarism can be defined as the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. Simply the definition is mentioned here is a statement which I took from someone else’s work, hence this statement is plagiarized by me. It is very illegal to use another person’s work without the permission of that person, like copyright works. So while writing reports it is very important that the work need not be copied from another person’s work. We have only the right to refer their work, it should not be taken. If it needs to be defined, it should be in our own words. Some times some quotes need to be copy-pasted, in such situations, it is our responsibility to mention the reference from where we got the data or pieces of information. If we used someone else’s definitions and not referenced it will be considered as theft data and no more our work is recognized. Thus it is our responsibility to respect the work did by others.


RES 701, Week 1, Scenario 1

Research methods which focus on how to research, what approached we should have will be tutored by Lars Oliver Dam. I will be introducing to the scientific way of approaching the project. Lars has explained on what is meant by research and what are all the things need to considered in it.

The need to do research is explained and introduced what are all the assignments I need to finish before the course completed. There will be 3 Assignments. Each assignment is focused on how we approach research. Also explained what I going to deal with in the entire course on week basis.

Assignment 1 -> Journal, Need to start a blog which should consistently update similarly like at least once in a week. This will reflect how my research work is going and it is important for the Lars to evaluate us on how hard we work on and what we are doing the entire course period?. It shows the result of my entire work.

Assignment 2 -> Evaluating Literature, Find a research paper, read it and evaluate it. In the end, I should submit a review report regarding the research paper I have chosen according to my interest. This will give me a comprehensive idea on how we should approach on a research topic.

Assignment 3 -> Proposal, I should provide a proposal which can be used for my PRJ 702 and it should accept by the BIT program academic commettee.

The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of rigorous research practice and to lay a foundation of research skills which will be relevant to both further study and professional practice.