RES701, Week 7, Whose blog is most useful to other students?

When I start to experience NMIT I felt everything is different from my previous experience back in India. Here interactive way of studying is promoted by giving practical knowledge where the students are practiced having research capacity so that in future studies or career it will make an impact on how you perform on various tasks. So, when I start my works here at NMIT I felt blank on how to start; I have no idea where to start. I asked Jake one of my classmate in Software development and he gave me a small idea on how to approach works and all (Thank you bro..).  When getting works most often I won’t take my classmate’s blog so seriously since the data in the blog is the reflection of that person. So, in my blog I want my reflection, for that I tried my best to research online and tried to learn about the topic and wrote in my own words. But I do check some blogs just to confirm I am doing right since those guys have more experience here.  

For the RES701 I mostly prefer the blog of Erica and Milton. Erica’s blog is short and precise, at the same time in the case of Milton, he writes a lot, but it does helps me. Milton already completed RES701 and it helps me a lot while doing my APA reference and for some topics when I got confused what to write really.


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