RES701 – Research Methods Reflection

RES701 – Research methods was an amazing course in the journey of NMIT college life. This course is specially designed to lay foundation to the research skills of one student by allowing them to do various tasks such as assesements. This course help me to understand the various aspects of research method and I believe this will be very useful for my future studies as well as professional field also. The course helps me to think critically and to analyze the nature of research topic considering the ethical side also. I was able to understand the basic consepts of doing research and the basic principles to follow inorder to attain the solution for a specific research question.

Those who are doing education related to any area I suggest them to do Research Method as one of the main papaer and thus they will be able to do their final project as best they can and also it will help in the career development.

Thank you Lars for your valuable sessions.