RES701, Week 10, Peer Review – Possible Research Interest of Hao

As the technology emerges to new extension, new developments in the area of User Interface is happening, more and more reliable flexible efficient frameworks are developing. Since user interface is very important in the interaction of users and the system the technology also has more impact in the design.

Since Hao is very much interested in the development of Front end, his research interest should be in the same field. As a part of research and studying new technology he choose React JS as his research topic and it fits him for his experience and knowledge in the field. React JS is one of the extensive javascript library maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. The impact of this topic will be very helpful for the future development projects and career. It would be very interesting to know what he gonna do with his topic. Definitely it is a User Interface but really interested to know about its appearance.

Now a days various web developers are using this javascript library to develop the user interface of their web applications. Using React JS the mapping of data to the DOM can be made efficient and powerful for showing heavy resources.


RES701, Week 9, Research Interest – AngularJs

Web application development is becoming more prominent careers today since these application can be operated from anywhere without considering the system requirements. There are lot of web technologies which developers can choose and work according to the requirements they had. Since the popularity of these are increasing it is the duty of designers and developers that the web applications that they developed is scalable and maintainable. Hence it is essential to choose which technology to use to make this possible. There are lot of technologies available for the development process.

AngularJS is one of the most popular framework purely for the development of front-end side of we applications. Due to it’s feature it is becoming more popular and widely used framework. It is basically a framework to build large scale and high performance web application which can maintain and scale easily according to the needs. It is powerful JavaScript based development framework to create RICH internet Applications.

Basic Architecture of AngularJS

This framework is developed and maintained by Google. According to them AngularJS can describe as “What HTML would have been, has it been suggested for building web-apps”. It is very interesting the way the framework is designed and it architecture is fascinating. Due to its structured architecture the developers are able to create the client side more structures and organized. The implementation of 2 way binding using AngularJS happens to be the more effective system for Single Page Applications. The dependency injection process made simple and hence the developer need not to worry about it. It offers light-weight interaction between client and server side communication. It follows Model View Controller architecture to interact with the back-end technology.

For the final Assignment of Research Methods I though It better to consider about which is related to the technology and which matters to my further education and career. Hence I choose AngularJS to be the research topic. The research will mainly focusing on the architecture of the framework and how it binds data together so the it wont effect the performance of the system. It is also important to know in depth knowledge of Dependency Injection in AngularJS. Moving to the development process using AngularJS it is essential to know about how to use the components and how the data is mapped to it. Through out the research the important libraries of framework will become a part of study.

The final outcome of this research is the submission of an Academic Article named “AngularJS : Architecture and Development Analysis”. The knowledge that I gain from this research will be a important factor for my Graduation Project which I decided to make use of this framework.

RES701, Week 8, Virtual Reality & Applications

Virtual reality can be explained as the experience taking to a similar or different real world environment which is a computer generated reality. The environment is non-physical world which developed with the proper usage of software and hardware. The hardware are the entity that makes the environment real. The connection between human and system is made possible by using the human-computer interfaces. Computer graphics plays a vital role to make the environment feels like a real concept.
Virtual reality gains its attention during early 1990s which was a success in the field of entertainment. Now in the present state the application of virtual reality goes beyond entertainment. It becomes a very helpful concept in the field of Automobile, Education and Healthcare. The concept of VR is a challenging to tackle the presence of designing VR systems that really transport humans to a new world with an acceptable sense of presence. The extreme usage of VR is applied in the games where the players plays like in the real world.
In-order to support the development giant companies such as Apple, Google etc have their own kits like ARKit, Daydream, google cardboard etc. After years of experimentation the development of VR is not getting viable, still more to go. There are lot of business and technical challenges which VR is facing. Latency in drawing, spherical sound design, cost and streaming and compatibility with hardware are some of the most faced technical challenges.
The application of VR in the field of medical care is very impressive. The amputees are using VR to get rid of phantom pains.In Sweden in the Chalmers University of Technology, the experiment was conducted. Patient with an amputated hand could see how he was driving a car in the virtual reality. The motion sensors have been hooked up to his limb. His brain got the visual confirmation that his amputated hand was moving and reacting on movement. The intensity and frequency of pain have decreased after the experiment.